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Credits and Acknowledgements

This site would not have been possible but for the support, encouragement and help of a number of peoplFerrye who are acknowledged below.  In particular I wish to acknowledge the contribution made by Graham Toward of Berwick upon Tweed.  Using a wide network of contacts in Berwick and in the fishing industry Graham was able to source information and photographs relating to Berwick Shipyard.  He has been extremely generous in sharing knowledge, resources and information and has also been a great source of encouragement. Graham has written and researched a number of articles on the fishing industry. An extended version of one of these articles relating to Berwick-built fishing vessels appears on these pages. Graham also wrote much of the main text for the 'Early Yards' page. Without his help the overall content and look of this website would be much poorer.


Special thanks are also due to a number of individuals for their kindness and assistance in sourcing information and providing permission to use photographs. Theseinclude Janet Wakenshaw, Editor of the Berwick Advertiser, Ken Hitcham, Managing Director of Ward-Philipson, Ian Smith (Berwick Photo Centre), Donald Smith (Aberdeenshire), Philip Simons (Surrey), John Richardson (Australia), Ian Havery, Denham Redfearn, Bill Todd, (all Berwick), Linda Bankier (Berwick Records Office), Kevin Blair and other contributors on the ‘Tugtalk’ website.  A full list of contributors is given below.


Thanks to the following individuals and organisations who have contributed to the ongoing development of this website;

United Kingdom

GB Flag Janet Wakenshaw, Ken Hitcham, Donald Smith, Philip Simons, Iain and Lesley Havery, Grant Renton, Kevin Blair, Raffy Wilton, Bob Younger, Denham Redfearn, Lee Christie, Bob Lee, James McLeod, Ian Smith, Priddy Swinney, Les Swan, Bill Todd, Ron Mappelbeck, Alex Landels, Jim Pottinger, George Robinson, David Asprey, Linda Bankier, Alan Bell, Michael Phillips, Dave Linkie, Mike Craine, Davie Tait, Mike Leslie, Pat Swanson, Krispin Atkinson, Ian Whittaker, Chris Bancroft, Chris Green, Mrs Kay Blackwood, Richard Cox, Berwick Library Staff, National Maritime Museum, London, National Libraries of Scotland, Edinburgh.


New Zealand Anne Elson Belgium Piet Van Damme United States Carol Dayton, Mike Savage Monaco Ian O’Shea Italy Loredana Zichichi, Luigi Gaetano La Farina Denmark Ole Holbech Greece Nikos Thrylos Finland Aleksi Lindström, Tapio Karvonen Canada Rob Raeside Tonga Bill Alatini Spain Brian Fisher Australia John Richardson, Margaret Steenvoorde.   Chile Max Morales



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