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This is a non-profit hobby site that is not supported by commercial funding in any way.  The images presented on the site are displayed with the permission of the various copyright holders who are acknowledged on the relevant pages. 


In a very small number of cases, despite all reasonable enquiries,it has not been possible to identify image copyright holders.  In these circumstances the picture caption displays the name of the private collection from which the image was taken. If anyone believes that they hold the copyright to one of these images or considers that the copyright on an image displayed on the site has been wrongly attributed, could they please get in touch.  I will add or rectify the copyright acknowledgement or alternatively remove the image from the site as appropriate

All images displayed on the site remain the property of the relevant copyright holders.  Most St Petercome from private collections.  As a consequence I am unable to provide copies. A number of text-based articles on the site have been written and reproduced with the permission of various contributors who remain the copyright holders. The authors of these articles are acknowledged on the relevant pages.

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