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Launched in April 1979, the 120 foot steel schooner Audela was one of the biggest vessels ever to be built on the Tweed. It would also be the last. Audela was one of only two vessels built during the time when the shipyard operated as 'Tweed Yard Ltd' the other being the West Indies ferry Grenadines Star.

The pictures below show the vessel at various stages of construction. They were taken by former employee Bill Todd who generously contributed a number of photographs to this website. The photographs also give an indication of the yard's exposed position and the conditions within which shipbuilding took place in the period just before the yard's closure.

Masts being craned onto Audela.
Audela with masts erected.
Hull being painted.
Audela on the slip. Audela nearing completion.
Photos © Bill Todd
he aboveictures showing work at theard during
Audela launch day.
The final launch.
Photos © John Thompson

The picture on the lefts shows Audela being launched from the slipway at high tide in April 1979.

The slipway dating from the 19th century was filled in when the quayside was rebuilt in the years following the closure of the yard. The building to the right, originally constructed as an electricity generating station, has since been demolished.

Audelal was towed across the river for fitting out in the Tweed Dock before undergoing sea trials. The vessels time in the dock was not uneventful. Settling on the bottom at low tide the vessel literally 'keeled over' causing workers to scramble to safety. Fortunately no damage was caused and the vessel was refloated at the next tide.

An indication of the graceful lines and quality finish of the completed vessel can be seen in the pictures below.


Audela in the Tweed Dcok
Photos©: Grant Renton
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